Nexus of Technology

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Nexus of TechnologyUncontrolled zone

Entrance to some kind of high-tech facility.
Investigate Nexus of Technology.png
Dungeon information
Music Unknown
Located in Black Sea
Connections Basalt Cave
Black Sea

Nexus of Technology is a large mult-level Lemurian facility located in north east part of the Black Sea at coordinates K7.


The entrance of Crimson Meadow Nexus of Technology lies in K7, however the gates to the facility are closed and player will need to find another way in.

There are few possible paths:

  • Long roundaway route leading east and north from the Nexus through the Basalt Caves and then south and west through Giant Creeper Lair. Both of these areas are inhabited with hostile critters such as crabs and creepers. Player will not be able to return the same way.
  • Player can alternatively dock their jet ski in the Fetid Marsh at coordinates J6, then go two zones east and break a wall in the NE corner of L6 with a Jackhammer or TNT, unlocking an entrance to the Nexus. Marsh is filled with Locusts, their Hives and Heartbreakers, so players who choose this route are suggested to first stock up on Antidotes and Ironguts.
  • If player has explored Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center first, they can use the Pesticide Gas Grenade to destroy thick mushroom vines which block the way in the Giant Creeper Lair, two zones east of Nexus. This will create a shortcut to the Nexus, allowing to skip majority of enemy encounters in Basalt Caves.
  • With 10 Agility player can jump to the other side at coordinates L7, just one zone east of the Nexus. This is the shortest route.

Level 0 - Nexus of Technology courtyard

  • There are some regrowing Honey Stalks
  • Gas Shell near the fountain contains Mutagen Duds oddity
  • Elevator leads to level 9 - utility. Once power is restored, it can be used to access entire facility
  • Turning on the power inside the facility will activate the Naga Protector and allow to open the electronic gates to the outside

Level 1 - Administration and information technology

Level 2 - Geology

  • Inaccessible

Level 3 - Chemistry

Level 4 - Biology and medicine

Level 5 - Physics

  • Inaccessible

Level 6 - Robotics

Level 7 - Security technology

Level 8 - Submarine dock

  • Inaccessible

Level 9 - Utility and maintenance

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