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Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
Visit Template:Navbox/doc to view this documentation. (edit) (How does this work?)

Navbox template lazily copied off mediawiki. See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Template:Navbox for more details.


|name       = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|title      = text in the title bar
|image      = an optional right-side image, coded as the whole image. Should be coded as [[Image:Misc_icon.png|link=]]
|above      = text to appear above the group/list section (eg. a list of overall wikilinks)

|group1     = the left-side text before list-n (if group-n omitted, list-n starts at left of box)
|list1      = text listing wikilinks, often separated by middot, such as: [[A]] · [[B]]

|group2     = 
|list2      = 
|group20    = 
|list20     = 

|below      = optional text to appear below the group/list section.

Please remove the parameters that are left blank.


|name       = Navbox/doc
|image      = {{{image}}}
|title      = {{{title}}}
|above      = {{{above}}}

|group1     = {{{group1}}}
|list1      = {{{list1}}}

|group2     = {{{group2}}}
|list2      = {{{list2}}}

|list3      = {{{list3}}} ''without {{{group3}}}''

|group4     = {{{group4}}}
|list4      = {{{list4}}}

|below      = {{{below}}}

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