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Welcome to Underrail Wiki! The Community Portal is the portal for resources intended to wiki editors—style guides and overviews of the progress on wikifying the games.

Style guide

See Underrail Wiki:Style guide.

The gist of it is that we don't have strict style guides. Loosely following Wikipedia's MOS works for the most part. Editors are encouraged to follow style set by existing articles of same type; It is often the easiest way to get things done.

State of the wiki

There are many ways in which you can help. Don't be afraid to edit and create articles!

These links contains state of each game on the wiki, along with links to all infoboxes, navboxes and other resources you need. There's plenty of work to be done in all of them.

Wikifying progress by game
Underrail base game Underrail Wiki: Base game status
Underrail: Expedition expansion Underrail Wiki: Project Expedition

If you undertake a big project to update one of the areas that's in bad shape, please update those pages accordingly once your work is done.

About images

Some conventions, tips and tools for editing and uploading images. Some assets are best exported from game files, others created from screenshots taken while playing. How to name your files is discussed at Underrail Wiki: Style guide#Naming. Image categories are listed for each game in their "state of wiki" pages above.

Icons (export from game resources)

  • Icons should be 33x33px PNG, with transparent background and correct transparency.
  • Can be extracted from game resources at \Underrail\Data\Icons\ with XNB tools.

Portraits (export from game resources)

  • Can be extracted from game resources at \Underrail\Data\Portraits\ with XNB tools.

NPCs (screenshotting/export from game resources)

  • NPC/mob models should be minimum 100x100px or taller as required, similar in size with the portrait next to it in the infobox.
    • Unique NPCs can use cropped screenshots to illustrate their surroundings
    • Mobs and generic NPCs are better off with generic sprite, transparent background. These you can get from \Underrail\Data\Locale\Creatures\ subfolders.

Locations (screenshotting)

  • Location infobox looks best with 1.5:1 or higher aspect ratio image, width is limited to 300px.
  • This CustomConfig.xml lets you see the zone name by holding Alt in-game. Save it in your Documents\My Games\Underrail\.

Other (screenshotting)

  • Quests infobox supports 300x200px images (or larger with same aspect ratio), can be a key event or point of interest in the quest.

That covers the common image types. Other images are welcome as well, use your own judgement where and how to use them.

Quality assurance

There's always the usual wiki cleanup stuff to be done:

Want to discuss something?