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All mouse and keyboard controls of Underrail. The game can be played without any keyboard controls, using only mouse.


Since version, these keybinds are rebindable.


Key Function
F1 Help Screen
F2 Toggle HUD
F5 Quick Save
F9 Quick Load
X Swap Weapon
V Toggle Energy Shield
B Recharge Shield
Space End Turn
Enter Start/End Combat
+ Speed Up
- Slow Down
Tab Highlight [1]
Z Reverse Highlight [1]
F Quick Invoker
A Take All
Arrow keys Scroll View
Shift [2] Prevent movement
Ctrl+C [2][3] Copy current dialog


Key Function
S Character Sheet
C Combat Stats
I Inventory
P Psi Window
G Crafting Window
N Notes
O Oddities Window
H Vehicle Window  E
M Global Map Window
Esc [2] Close active window
Main Menu

Action & Quick Buttons

Key Function
1 to 9 Action Buttons 1 to 9
Shift+1 to Shift+9 Action Buttons Shift+1 to Shift+9
Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 Action Buttons Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9
RightCtrl+L [2] Lock Action Buttons
Q Combat Utility Slot #1
W Combat Utility Slot #2
E Combat Utility Slot #3
R Combat Utility Slot #4
T Combat Utility Slot #5
Y Combat Utility Slot #6
Shift+Q Reload active weapon (normal ammo)
Shift+W Reload active weapon (special ammo #1)
Shift+E Reload active weapon (special ammo #2)
Shift+R Reload active weapon (special ammo #3)
Shift+Y Unload active weapon


[1] Highlight highlights all characters and usable objects, showing their names and displaying any that are obscured by walls. Reverse Highlight simply highlights them in reverse order. If something is untargetable with normal highlight because it's behind another highlighted object (e.g. enemy behind a door or remains behind a desk), you can target it with reverse highlight.
[2] Not rebindable.
[3] Added in version 1.0.4.


Actions are done with left mouse button unless otherwise specified. Most of the context-sensitive cursors are fairly self-explanatory.

Inventory management

The following inventory management commands will save you from dragging & dropping items around:

  • Alt + Left Click: Transfer item between inventory, any open container or trade
  • Ctrl + Left Click or Double click: Send item to crafting window (if applicable) or equip item
  • Shift + Left Click: Split a stack of items

Cursor modes

Cursor default.png Default cursor.
Cursor interact.png Interact with object.
Cursor interact contextmenu.png Multiple interact options. Right mouse button opens a context menu.
Cursor interact forbidden.png Interacting with this object is forbidden. Non-player characters may turn hostile if they see you stealing something or simply touching their stuff.
Cursor observe.png Observe object. Observing won't spend APs unlike interacting. Usually offers a pop-up text description or visual representation in case of security monitors.
Cursor pickpocket.png Attempt to open character's inventory for pickpocketing. Characters won't turn hostile if this attempt fails, only if stealing an item fails.
Cursor talk.png Talk with character.
Cursor wait.png Computer turn in progress.
Cursor exit.png Transition to another zone. Costs APs depending on Difficulty (except on Easy).
Cursor unavailable.png Selected action cannot be used here.
Cursor attack.png Attack target. Chance to hit is shown on the right side of cursor.
Cursor attack special.png Perform special attack or shoot special bolt at target. Chance to hit is shown on the right side of cursor.
Cursor offensive invocation.png Offensive invocation at target. Always hits targeted entity or area. (Examples: Taser, many psi abilities.)
Cursor invoke.png Invoke item or ability at target. Always hits targeted entity or area. (Examples: Bandages, Force Field.)
Cursor disarm.png Attempt disarming target trap.
Cursor lockpick.png Attempt picking target lock with selected lockpick.
Cursor hack.png Attempt hacking target lock with selected hacking device.
Cursor recharge.png Recharge target device with selected battery.
Cursor reload.png Reload target weapon with selected ammo.
Cursor lock.png Lock target door. You must have the correct key.


Key Function
Shift + mouse scroll Zoom in/out (must be enabled in options