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You can always access the Interface Help by pressing F1 in-game.

This page is intended as a new players' guide to Underrail's interface.

The interface is pretty much what you'd expect from any isometric turn-based RPG, but there are some key differences and concepts that might be different from expected.


Utility slots

Combat utility items like grenades and special crossbow bolts must be in the utility slots in order to be used.

Reloading weapons

Hold shift to access the quick weapon reload commands. You can also reload magazines one round at a time.

Action and movement points

Action and Movement points are separate. There's always the option to move even when you have exhausted your APs for the turn.

Radial context menu

Items with multiple different uses have radial context menu. Right-clicking an item in your inventory will open the context menu, or set the default use if the item is in your action bar.


Underrail is an oldschool PC RPG, but combat is not overly difficult unless you are careless - or very unlucky. Always consider your tactical options, don't just rush into every encounter too early and without any planning. Save early and save often!

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