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For an alphabetical list of items, see Category:Items.

Items are the things you can loot and add to your inventory I.


The color of their name indicates the item's relative quality. The item qualities from lowest to highest are low, normal, high, rare, unique and artifact. This color has no game-mechanistic significance other than denoting the relative rarity of items, with the exception that unique items sold to merchants won't disappear from their store inventories during routine restocking. There are also special oddity items that play an important role in the Oddity XP System.

Most components also have component quality attribute, which determines their rarity, value, crafting skill levels required to use them and the stats of items crafted from them. Items crafted from such components and randomly generated items will also have hidden item level parameter, which determines their overall potential. Thus, for example, two seemingly identical weapons might have different damage.


Since version, most equippable items have durability. Degraded durability decreases item value exponentially and equipment that can be looted from human enemies is usually badly damaged.

As armor degrades in durability, it starts providing decreased bonuses until it provides no bonuses at all. Weapons suffer reduced precision as their quality degrades, but they can still be used even at zero durability. The player must use repair kits to keep their armor and weapons in shape.

Since version, most craftable items with durability can be disassembled to retrieve their constituent components.


Since version, items in Underrail have weight, but there is no item slot limit. Most plot items remain weightless, but all other items have weight.

Carrying items over your carry capacity initially slows you down with the Lightly Encumbered status, moving to Heavily Encumbered as the excess weight increases and finally, carrying way too much junk stops you from moving altogether with the Completely Encumbered status.


Items are split into different item types by their function. Here are the item types listed as they're sorted with inventory auto-sort.

Click on the title to go to the main article for that item type or click on the [Show] links to show all items of that type.