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The Quick Invoker ability menu on a new character.
For an alphabetical list of all abilities, see Category:Abilities.

Abilities in Underrail are the various active abilities characters can use.


Most non-psionic abilities are gained from various feats, but the player character also has certain inherent abilities and gear which may grant abilities as well. Psi abilities are gained from psionic training.

Many creatures also have abilities unique to them, such as the siphoning attack of siphoners.


The Quick Invoker F menu lists all of your character's abilities. They can be used directly from the menu or dragged & dropped into your action bar slots, 1 to 9.


Offensive actions with your equipped weapon or bare fists.

Special attacks

These enhance your normal attacks. All attacks listed in the quick invoker's attack section are considered special attacks for the purpose of special attack bonus, except the default Attack and unconditional special attacks listed below.

Unconditional special attacks

Special attacks that do not have a cooldown or require special conditions to trigger are considered unconditional. As of 1.0.4, special attack damage bonus no longer works with unconditional special attacks.

Special bolts fired from a Crossbow do not count as special attacks at all, so they're also excluded from special attack damage bonus.


Special attacks and abilities granted by your gear, such as Force Ventilation Shaft from equipped Steel Crowbar. Implemented in version The legacy Burst attack of SMGs and assault rifles is not included.


All general non-attack, non-psionic, abilities.

Inherent abilities:


Main article: Psi abilities

Psionic abilities your character has learned.

The player character has no inherent psi abilities.