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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Lisa H. Jackson 

First draft of Naga Protectors [NOTE: Think of a better name], article for the Lemurian Intelligencer

Today they have been finally unveiled - the Naga Protectors. Named after the mythical creatures of the Old Era [MISSING] pinnacle of Lemurian engineering [MISSING] embodiment of the Lemurian Style. But first, I would like to start at the very beginning... (NOTE: Expand the intro a little bit)

Even before the Descent, the six super-corporations have always had different paradigms when it came to robotic design and development, often with completely opposite goals. [MISSING] first example, Biocorp viewed robots as nothing more than mere autonomous tools, and so they designed them accordingly: They were limited to little or no interactivity with humans, they were to be fairly simple in shape - rather cubic for the most part - as to facilitate mass production [MISSING] lack any and all decorative features [MISSING] with abilities strictly confined to the domain of their work; some were made for security, some for heavy lifting, some were modular [MISSING] all of them were made as one would make a tool [MISSING] need nothing more.

Whereas Bionic Institute viewed things a bit differently [MISSING] their ultimate goal was to merge humans and machines, flesh and metal, grown and manufactured. [MISSING] was natural that their robots were viewed more than just simple tools to be used and discarded once they're no longer useful [MISSING] considered members of their society, equal - as much as possible, at least - to those who made them. They were being developed to be intelligent and sentient, to think, feel and dream [MISSING] love even. And where artificial met its limits, natural was used to augment it. And vice-versa. That was how they viewed it, and that was how they did it. The exact opposite of Biocorp. (NOTE: Use synonyms for viewed; it repeats a lot)

[MISSING] next example: Security Agency. They built machines for war. [MISSING] innumerable series of warbots have been produced and perfected, some even manufactured by other, greater warbots that were designed to continuously output new machines no matter the theater or threat they were in. [MISSING] ranged from the cheapest and simplest, like DDrones or the RX-5s - the cybernetic foot-soldiers [MISSING] largest and most destructive, the dreaded Orbital Devastators, capable of eradicating their enemies from the edge of thermosphere with precision and mercilessness no living creature can ever achieve [MISSING] responsible for millions of deaths alone. [MISSING] built to obey and destroy, and they were used by the SA themselves, but also by anyone else who could afford them. (NOTE: Add [MISSING] warbots never had [MISSING] markings)

New Frontier Technology - we made ours to construct, to raise, to manufacture, to terraform. To serve not only their owners but humanity and the environment. Wherever humanity could and would go, appropriate robots could and would follow. [MISSING] the Earth's orbit [MISSING] the deepest point in the ocean [MISSING] isolated underground cavern [MISSING] we developed our robots for the environment. The basic paradigm remained unchanged wherever we are. (This paragraph is a lot shorter than others, but I suppose NFT does not need much explanation)

So we come to Lemuria. Our needs here, in this underground world, are completely different than they were in the place where we could look at the Sky and the Sun. [MISSING] absence of the Sun has made a huge impact on [MISSING] Lemurian Style. [MISSING] talking about is this: We had the technology to survive and change the world, but there was nothing beautiful down here. It's all water and dirt, darkness, and no matter [MISSING] terraform, even if we one day surround ourselves with grass and forests [MISSING] would never replace the lack of a shining Sun. The few oldest among us still remember it, but even those who have never seen it do miss it. (NOTE: shorten the section; the Sun part is a bit rambly)

[MISSING] turned to water motives [MISSING] sensibly, it was the primary source of inspiration [MISSING] absence of the Sun. The distinct Lemurian Style developed quickly [MISSING] among other things gave birth to the Servants. Based upon the long-standing Helpers which literally built our facilities, the Servants were improved in all aspects. (NOTE: Remove the Sun part and merge this with the previous paragraph; still could use a few more lines on the Lemurian Style, however)

Functionality-wise, they were adapted to operating in this specific environment [MISSING] just a few examples [MISSING] solar cells for emergency powering were removed for obvious reasons [MISSING] electric actuators were upgraded from A-900 to L-A910-WP - waterproof version designed for Lemuria [MISSING] sensitive components were as well replaced with more suitable variants [MISSING] AI has been upgraded to allow the Servants to swim and perform other actions while partially or fully submerged. (NOTE: Don't need more examples; already elaborated on that in the previous article)

[MISSING] major changes was the way Servants are being stored. Instead of being stacked in tubular pods and moved out of sight [MISSING] Servants would retire to olivalt pedestals which would recharge them [MISSING] blend in with the other purely decorative statues [MISSING] pedestals charge them by the means of electromagnetic induction, so the top surface is nice and flat. (NOTE: Nice and flat?)

[MISSING] having Servants rest in the hallways has an added benefit of them being more easily available, their idleness served [MISSING] aesthetic purpose. As the olivalt stone proved too heavy for the Servants, a special kind of coating was developed to give their skin an appearance indistinguishable from olivalt; this coating is slowly reducing the use of olivalt globally, but that is a wholly different subject. (NOTE: should add in there somewhere that the coating is called OC-40)

For years these improved Helpers - the Servants have served us well. (NOTE: Should rephrase that, sounds silly to me reading it now) [MISSING] community thrived, our technology became more advanced [MISSING] cannot forever remain in isolation and that some day all that we have built here will come under severe threat. We are not Security Agency, but we should not be defenseless.

The recent militarization program of the Joint Security Command [MISSING] terrestrial guardian robot equipped with heavy weaponry but would also serve an aesthetic function similar to that of the Servants [MISSING] the same pedestal-based recharging and type of surface coating were to be used, with perhaps slight modifications [MISSING]

[MISSING] that's where the similarities end, for the Naga Protectors are not here to do heavy lifting or to prepare our meals, [MISSING] kill our opponents. [MISSING] the new L-ZZ-2 Fusion cannons which proved [MISSING] easily surpasses any other weapon we possess when it comes to raw destructive power [MISSING] capable of eliminating pretty much all targets short of T12-rated armored vehicles in a single hit. [MISSING] what else is more fitting to carry such a weapon than the largest of our servants, or should I say, protectors. The cannons are installed inside the Protector's mouth and are completely concealed until engagement. [MISSING]

The first two units unveiled today have been posted in the Nexus of Technology's courtyard, and we will be seeing more and more [MISSING] they will be sitting atop their pedestals so that we may marvel at their beauty; but when danger finally draws near [MISSING] rise and glow so that we may marvel at their might.

(FINAL NOTE: The whole text is too long. I should have to cut something or split this into two articles or else Alexander will never accept this)

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