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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
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Fold-M 7
A touchscreen mobile personal computer that can be folded in half up to two times, reducing its diagonal length to about 13cm. Has no visible physical buttons or connectors, making this device pretty much nothing but a uniform smooth surface.
Cannot be sold.

Fold-M 7s are plot items in Underrail: Expedition. These small mobile computers were once widely used by Lemurians, now you can find the few that survived the centuries in the ruins of Black Sea. Although the computers are defective, Jeremy Seeger from the Black Sea Expedition Camp can recover some data from their storage drives.


Location Recovered file
Black Sea Expedition Camp (mentioned only) George Palmer:
LE 17.10.122
Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center: I6
Inside a desk in a small building to the south
Jarl Asmund:
Genetically Engineered Animals, article for the Lemurian Intelligencer
Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center: Level 1
Held by a statue of a Strongman
Benedict Osbourne:
A Crimson Meadow, article for the Lemurian Intelligencer
Joint Security Headquarters: Level S1
On the corpse of a security commander in the war room
Security Commander Vincent Montgomery:
Lemurian Defense War log - LE 18.10.122
Lemurian Health Center: Morgue
On the corpse of a dead doctor
Dr. Eda Feller:
Dr. Mason's Transformation
Nexus of Technology: Level 1
Inside a desk in Mickey Johnson's office
Mark Bright:
Hydrothermal Vents, article for the Lemurian Intelligencer
Nexus of Technology: Level 6
Inside a desk in the second office from the top right
Lisa H. Jackson:
First draft of Naga Protectors [NOTE: Think of a better name], article for the Lemurian Intelligencer
West Storage Depot, area Upper floor
On the corpse of a dead technician near the power substation unit
Phil Bridges:
Personal log - LE 13.10.122