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Crit Chance

Hello! Regarding Infused Rathound Leather crit chance bonus - I double checked and I'm consistently getting 11% bonus in description with 127 quality (14/15/16 rathound + 180 super steel fiber) but in combat stats it also shows diminishing returns with seeker goggles (1% less crit chance than expected with both 12% and 13% bonus goggles). What's your expirience?

I didn't test mixing 180 quality supersteel with low rathound leather, however I did kept notes of how high crit bonus was for given infused rathound leather quality. Effects I got was 10% for 128q and below and 11% for 129 and higher. My exact notes: Quality(Bonus); 86(7%) 126-128(10%) 129-138(11%) 86 with skinner 8% 126 with skinner 12% 131-138 with skinner 13%. It is possible that there is something more to it, that it was changed very recently or that I did made an error somewhere in my notes. If I'll have a chance, i'll try to verify this somehwere in the future.--PaposikG6 (talk) 13:54, 9 January 2023 (EST)