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* Siphoner Pools: [[Damaged Necklace]] (quest item), [[Goggles]], [[Boots]]
* Siphoner Pools: [[Damaged Necklace]] (quest item), [[Goggles]], [[Boots]]
* Junkyard tunnels: [[Syringe]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]]
* Junkyard tunnels: [[Syringe]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]]
* Junkyard: [[Steel Plates]], [[Ampule]]s, [[Syringe]]s, [[Vial]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]], [[:Category:Padding|Paddings]], [[Fabric Scraps]], [[Bolt]]s, [[Acid Bolt]], [[Shock Bolt]], [[Graphite]], [[Serrated Steel Blade]]
* Junkyard: [[Cardboard Container]]s, [[Steel Plates]], [[Ampule]]s, [[Syringe]]s, [[Vial]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]], [[:Category:Padding|Paddings]], [[Fabric Scraps]], [[Bolt]]s, [[Acid Bolt]], [[Shock Bolt]], [[Graphite]], [[Serrated Steel Blade]]
* Mushroom Cove: [[Syringe]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]], [[Stabilization Wings]]
* Mushroom Cove: [[Syringe]]s, [[:Category:Bullets|Bullets]], [[Stabilization Wings]]
* Camp Hathor: [[Sniper Rifle Frame]], [[TiChrome Bars]], [[:Category:Bolts of cloth|Cloth]], [[Ampule]]s, [[Blueprint: Caltrops]], [[Electronic Scraps]]
* Camp Hathor: [[Sniper Rifle Frame]], [[TiChrome Bars]], [[:Category:Bolts of cloth|Cloth]], [[Ampule]]s, [[Blueprint: Caltrops]], [[Electronic Scraps]]

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Fishing is a game mechanic originally introduced in alpha version and then greatly expanded for release.



To fish, you have to plant your Fishing Rod in place. Once you have done that you need to wait for the rod to bob up and down as if there is something tugging on the line. When this happens, click on the rod again to reel it in. A fishing rod can catch fish from all nearby water tiles in a fairly big radius, not only the tile where the fishing line falls into water.

You can cast your rod in any body of water. All waters in the release version, including sewage, have something to be fished. In addition to live catch, you can sometimes fish up random items. In the alpha versions, only the Siphoner Pools area near Junkyard yielded any catch. Each fishing spot will deplete after a limited number of catches or tries, but most spots will restock fish after a certain timespan has passed, similar to how wildlife respawns and shops restock. Fishing spots also have varying difficulty modifiers and biting rates.

Chance to catch fish

High dexterity score helps in catching fish[1], but characters with the Fisherman feat will never fail to reel their catch in. Version made fishing easier by increasing the chance to reel the fish in, especially for the dexterity-challenged.

The formula without fisherman feat is (0.5 + (Dexterity - 3) / 20) / fishing spot difficulty modifier, capped between 25% and 85%. With fisherman, the chance is always 100%.

Tools and feats

Fishing spots


Many medicine and poison blueprints use chemicals that can only be acquired by fishing.

Common fish are almost ubiquitous. Low worth.

Blue eels are notable for their gel electrolyte.

Uncommon fish are not much harder to find and catch than common ones.

Useful unique chemicals can be extracted from all of them.

  • Icon Anglerfish: Junkyard (common), Silent Isle, Foundry, Upper Caves
  • Icon Black Dragon: Forsaken Island (common), Omega caves, Foundry, Junkyard, Hathor
  • Icon Demon Squid: Upper Caves B/C (common), Core City Sewers
  • Icon Pentapus: uncommon catch in almost all waters
Rare fish are elusive, expensive and the hardest to catch.

All of these are commonly found in Deep Caverns.

  • Icon Ghostface: Core City Sewers (rare)
  • Icon Phantom Jelly: Upper Caves
  • Icon Shrimp: Forsaken Island (common), Silent Isle, Mushroom Cove
  • Icon Walking Fish: Forsaken Island (common), Silent Isle (common), Junkyard, Camp Hathor
Complete list of fishing spots by fish type and zone (base game)
Blue Eel.png Blue Eel Minihead.png Minihead Slackjaw (fish).png Slackjaw Yellow Puckerfish.png Yellow Puckerfish
284 fishing spots in 46 zones 290 fishing spots in 49 zones 193 fishing spots in 28 zones 346 fishing spots in 51 zones
Anglerfish.png Anglerfish Black Dragon.png Black Dragon Demon Squid.png Demon Squid Pentapus.png Pentapus
299 fishing spots in 51 zones 176 fishing spots in 30 zones 209 fishing spots in 31 zones 366 fishing spots in 57 zones
Ghostface.png Ghostface Phantom Jelly.png Phantom Jelly Shrimp.png Shrimp Walking Fish.png Walking Fish
33 fishing spots in 7 zones 164 fishing spots in 26 zones 174 fishing spots in 30 zones 173 fishing spots in 29 zones

Black Sea fish

Black Sea of Underrail: Expedition expansion adds new fish.


This section needs expansion with mechanical details, notable static items and their locations.

You can also find variety of other items: junk people have thrown into waters, remains of drowned persons or even treasures. Mostly small junk items and components, but almost anything can be fished up.

Partial list