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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.

The Black Sea is also known as Hell's Gut. It is a large underground sea in a giant cavern. There are two major factions in control of the Black Sea:

  • The pirates which call themselves Grim Jetters and control the southern and southeastern waters
  • The natives, known as the Sørmirbæren or serpentborn, who control the northern and northwestern shores

South and west sea


  • Has a ladder leading to an underground location filled with gas and a box requiring 80 Hacking to open. It contains high quality crafting components.


  • Has Message in a Bottle oddity in a rubble pile.
  • In the SW part blocked by rocks (use TNT or Jackhammer) is a pool (nothing can be fished in it - the current is too strong), that teleports you to one of several random cave fragments with various enemies and loot.
  • Has four sources of Honey Spores, three Cave Ears (behind the rocks) and one Green Wart
  • Western exit leads to the siphoner pools (no ID via NavCom -A6?)

-A6 (siphoner pools west of A6)

  • Has Forked Rock oddity in a rubble pile.
  • Has Greater Siphoners and Siphoners
  • Northern part can be reached by jumping over (7 Agility) or by discovering a hidden underwater bridge (7 Perception). Here you can get to the crevice, which you can put your hand into that contains a randomized item (can also be empty, or get bit by something for 1 hp damage). Crevice has a chance to contain rare items such as Supersoldier Drug among others.
Partial list

-B6 (siphoner pools west of -A6)







  • No places of interest hereVerify


  • Has Forked Rock oddity in a rubble pile.
  • Holds an entrance to the spider caves.



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