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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
George Palmer 

LE 17.10.122

Dear Father, 

right now, as I'm writing this, the Biocorp navy is clearing the Arch tunnel which we had collapsed in order to slow down their advance; sadly, they are doing so with great efficiency. Floater mines will buy us some more time, but that time will quickly run out. Our gliders are patrolling the island perimeter, fellow security marines are boarding the carriers, plasma cannons are being blank-charged and aimed at the Arch. Servants have been brought to help set up all of our static defenses, and Naga [MISSING]

Me? I am sitting in my bunker with my dear friends and comrades-in-arms Clive Mitchell and Angus Hall, waiting for the looming battle. I've already written to Julia, and I've written to Mom. And now I'm writing to you. But you are the most difficult one to write to for a simple reason: I know you will not be reading this. Yet I still need to type in these words, because if I don't do it now I might never get another chance.

You were never a man of patience, so I'll keep it as brief as possible: What we're doing today is defending our future. Just like you, Father, I too have passed security [MISSING] proud. And I know that if you were able to, you too would be with me in this bunker, blaster in hand and teeth ready to chew through each and every Biocorp soldier's neck if need be. We'd be side-by-side, one [MISSING]

But you are not here. You are not alive anymore. Despite fifteen years of absence, there is still a way for us to fight together. It's through me. Because I am you. I used to think that if it weren't for family pictures, videos or holograms I'd forget you, forget how you looked and sounded and behaved. But now I know I need only look in the mirror and I'd see you every time.

Father, the time is nigh. Join me in battle, and let us show those wicked fiends [MISSING]

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