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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Security Commander Vincent Montgomery 

Lemurian Defense War log - LE 18.10.122

Nothing can be seen from our position due to the thick black and green smoke coming from the direction of the Citadel of Life, but plenty can be heard still. The siege continues, and even though our forces have neutralized roughly [MISSING] including their siege submarine, the primary threat is still active - the directed-energy destroyer. Despite the fact that [MISSING] disabled the destroyer's shield and inflicted considerable [MISSING] still capable of ceaseless combat activity. [MISSING] reports say that the Citadel's residential and cultural sectors [MISSING] decimated, [MISSING] currently attacking the commercial sector. I have no active security marines to oppose them but the few remaining ones guarding JSHQ and the evacuated civilians within.

Some minor skirmishes have been reported in [MISSING] Nothing has happened here since yesterday's shelling. It appears that almost all Biocorp vessels are fighting alongside the destroyer, with a few aforementioned exceptions in addition to two unmanned vessels patrolling near JSHQ.

Arch Island Keep, LEMCO and the Citadel of Life are the only Lemurian centers which have been involved in heavy fighting so far; other positions saw either no fighting at all, or even if they did, it resulted in a small number of casualties and damage to equipment and buildings. [MISSING] evident that large, exposed centers like LEMCO and the Citadel of Life are easy targets, [MISSING] So far none of the underground or underwater facilities have been entered by Biocorp forces, but the report from Arch Island Keep [MISSING] use of toxic gas [MISSING] little hope regarding the security of these facilities.

I never imagined such a thought would even appear let alone solidify in my mind, but there is no hope. It is over. When Biocorp does finally annihilate everything on the surface, they will either gas those who [MISSING] nutrient assemblers, oxygen generation and water purification systems can support [MISSING] majority of facilities [MISSING] ventilation systems [MISSING] anyone emerges, they will be eliminated. Biocorp has given us no reason to assume otherwise.

If only we had invested more effort and resources into our security, and if only the earthquake which destroyed the Arch and revealed our existence to the world never happened, things would've turned out differently, perhaps.

Who am I writing this final report to? If you are reading this I am already dead. If you are a Biocorp soldier, I hope you and your kind burns until the end of time for what you've done. If not, then know that there used to be a whole world here, and that its inhabitants fought bravely to preserve it.

Security Commander [MISSING]

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