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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Phil Bridges 

Personal log - LE 13.10.122

Man taught himself how to use tools, how to make clothes, how to tame fire and how to express himself through art. Man raised cities, built machines, traversed the world, rose above the clouds, conquered the Sky and invaded the beyond. Man envisioned the future and brought it to the present. Man is, without a shadow of doubt, intelligent.

But when some men decide to encase a power substation unit in heavy olivalt stone that can only be handled by a strongman or some other machinery before a technician like me can perform maintenance, one begins to question this intellectually-technological evolution of mankind. Maybe it is not man - mankind that possesses [MISSING] vast, striving intellect, but only certain men [MISSING] it is those men who drive civilizations forward. For when one takes a perfectly functional and reliable Seddar generator design [MISSING] decides to decorate it as to [MISSING] the Lemurian Style [MISSING] one should perhaps apply some common sense and take practicality into consideration.

Using more manageable materials [MISSING] designing the unit [MISSING] man or two could open it on their own with simple tools. Because today I had to wait for three hours for a strongman to finally become available so that I could begin working. Three hours.

Other corporations' takes on the unit [MISSING] less visually attractive than ours, certainly, some are sinfully repulsive even [MISSING] they are all made to be as easy to use and maintain as possible [MISSING] always be of primary concern; even the earlier NFT designs followed this same sensible principle. [MISSING] current models have a front panel which gives access to most components, but in order to reach the generator core I need the help of a pair of inhuman hands. And when a strongman in possession of such is unavailable [MISSING] wait. For three hours.

Of course, these kinds of delays are unacceptable, yet there is nothing any one of us is able to do about it. The Lemurian Style [MISSING] forefront of everything [MISSING] present in architecture, clothing, vehicle and vessel design, and even the simplest items like box containers, crates and nail clippers [MISSING] everything must be pleasing to the eye, even if it doesn't need to. It is wonderful in one sense, for art [MISSING] expression [MISSING] stimulus for the human intellect and emotion [MISSING] pure and limitless, [MISSING] visual art of the highest kind. [MISSING] exposed female breasts of the most well-endowed kind [MISSING] as I've already stated, just an expression of the human mind [MISSING] male mind [MISSING]

[MISSING] visual elements combined contribute to the perception that one is truly living in an ideal environment [MISSING] known and scientifically proven that an environment pleasing to the senses [MISSING] highly positive effect on the human well-being. Until one has to perform certain kinds of tasks, that is, in which case the beauty quickly turns into beast. For longer than three hours [MISSING] must add.

[MISSING] infuriating [MISSING] first time I have had this happen to me. I have work to do and a specific amount of time allotted to do it; complications like this are not only an unneeded setback [MISSING] quite distressing. Just the other day I performed repairs on the medication synthesis unit at the Nexus. [MISSING] awful application of deco-centric design made me spent many frustrating hours [MISSING] frustrating problems. [MISSING] not the difficulty of a task that is the problem in and of itself, but it is the difficulty that could've been avoided entirely had the designer thought of something other than just appearance [MISSING]

However, I suppose the real truth here is that the strongmen are being transferred back and forth in order to prepare our defenses. The problems I described never occurred earlier since strongmen were always available; the designer made the units with Servants in mind, that they would always be [MISSING] aid us. Should he be blamed for it, which is what I am doing now? No. I should not be blaming him. Instead, I should be blaming myself for giving in under the pressure of the impending war that could quite possibly mean our doom.

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