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For a full list of Ammo items, see Category:Ammo.



Firearm ammunition in Underrail comes in the following calibers: 5mm, 7.62mm, 8.6mm, 9mm, .44in and 12.7mm. They are all packed into a universal cartridge that any weapon class can use if the weapon is of that caliber. When crafting firearms, one of the components is the barrel which will dictate the caliber of the weapon. Not all weapon classes and models can use all calibers.

Three different types of ammunition are available for all calibers - Standard, expanding JHP and armor-piercing W2C rounds. Additionally, each caliber has its own craftable special round type. The value of different rounds can give a rough idea of their relative rarity and power.

You can mix and match different rounds of the same caliber into a single magazine using the Load Single Bullet options, allowing for additional tactical options and full reloads when less than one magazine worth of a single ammo type is available.

Quick reload commands for standard Shift + Q, W2C Shift + W, JHP Shift + E and special Shift + R rounds are also available.

Standard Rounds

Ammo standard 25x50.PNG Standard round.

The cheapest and by far the most common variety. Has no drawbacks nor special strengths.

JHP Rounds

Ammo JHP 25x50.PNG Jacketed hollow point round.

Incurs 150% of mechanical damage resistance and threshold, but the damage that penetrates the armor is increased by 40% against organic targets.

Rarer and more expensive than standard rounds, JHP rounds are best used against soft, unarmored targets to cause extra damage.

W2C Rounds

Ammo W2C 25x50.PNG Armor-piercing cartridge with a tungsten carbide bullet.

Ignores 65% of target's mechanical damage resistance and threshold.

Rarer and more expensive than standard rounds, W2C rounds are best used against heavily armored or mechanical targets, such as auto-turrets and wheeled bots.

Special Rounds

In addition to the universal Standard, JHP and W2C rounds, each caliber has a unique special round type. These can be acquired by reloading your spent casings with appropriate blueprints. There is a 30% chance to gain spent casing whenever firing a firearm.

5mm Shock Round.png 5mm Shock Round

7.62mm Micro-Shrapnel Round.png 7.62mm Micro-Shrapnel Round

8.6mm Incendiary Round.png 8.6mm Incendiary Round

9mm Acid Round.png 9mm Acid Round

.44 Explosive Round.png .44 Explosive Round

12.7mm Contaminated Round.png 12.7mm Contaminated Round

Weight and value

Notably, 9mm JHP rounds are relatively cheap.

Caliber Weight Std JHP W2C
5mm 0,02 10 20 20
7.62mm 0,03 14 20 24
8.6mm 0,03 20 26 30
9mm 0,04 26 18 36
.44 0,06 45 52 60
12.7mm 0,06 80 90 110


Bolt.png Bolts are the crossbow standard ammunition. They are not retrievable after use.

Special Bolts

Crossbows also have a wide variety of special bolts available, which are utilities.

Energy sources

Supercharged Lithium Cell.png Energy weapons such as laser and plasma pistols use energy. Their internal magazines can be recharged with batteries. Energy weapons cannot be unloaded.

Chemical ammunition

Acid Vial.png Chemical weapons use special vials filled with chemicals as their ammunition. Chemical weapons cannot be unloaded.