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Force Field icon

Force Field
Psychokinesis (25 skill required)
Places a force field on the designated unoccupied location and all unoccupied tiles adjacent to it that has 150 health. Lasts until destroyed or up to 2 turns.

Destroying one segment of the force field will break all of it

Action Points: 15
Psi: 40
Range: 7.0
Radius: 1
Cooldown: 8 turns
Duration: 2 turns

Force Field is a defensive psi ability. It places a targeteable 3x3 tile force field at the target location for 2 turns. It can be placed even if the location is partially blocked by walls or other obstacles, as long as it is unoccupied by creatures. Each segmenet of the force field has a separate hitpoint pool, but once one is destroyed the others will dissipate. Force Field cannot be created on water tiles. The barrier also serves as an obstacle and prevents from targeting anything behind it.

The invoker's psychokinesis skill influence the hitpoints of force field. The duration and hitpoints of force field can be improved with the Force User feat.

Effective skill Force Field segment hitpoint
25 68
40 90
80 150
120 210
160 270
200 300
240 390
280 450
320 510


Related feats

  • Force User (increases duration by 2 turns and hitpoints of each segment)

History - psi cost changed to 40 (up from 25) and is now destructable.