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Traps is a skill and a class of items that can be placed on the ground and subsequently triggered by anything that moves over them.

Skill details

Allows you to plant and disarm increasingly more powerful traps. The higher your skill is the harder your traps are to spot and disarm. Also increases your chance of spotting traps.

In-game description

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Skill Synergies

Trap mechanics

Most traps cannot critically hit, but bear traps are an exception. Like other crit-capable attacks without explicit critical stats, they use the default base values of 5% critical hit chance and 100% critical damage bonus.


Traps can normally only be placed while out of combat, but Quick Tinkering allows you to arm your next trap instantly, even in combat in which case it will cost 25 action points. As of version, arming traps no longer has a cooldown.

To place a trap, the player needs some points in the traps skill, the amount depending on the type of trap being used. Placing traps within the sight of friendly or neutral NPCs may provoke hostilities. Non-player characters aren't directly seen placing traps, but there are traps placed all around the Underrail nevertheless.


A trap being disarmed and recovered.

Traps can only be disarmed while out of combat. Traps must be detected before a disarming attempt can be made. Disarming traps takes 10 seconds just like arming them does. Traps cannot be disarmed in turn-based mode.

When disarming a trap, if your traps skill is 20 points above the trap disarming difficulty, or if the trap is your own, you receive it as an item.[1][2] Otherwise, you cannot reuse the disarmed trap. If your traps skill is 10 points below the trap disarming difficulty, disarming attempt will lead to critical failure and trigger the trap. You always successfully disarm and recover traps that you have placed.

Some enemies may also try to disarm your traps if they can detect them. Trap detection and disarming difficulty (for both player traps and traps found in the game world) is not the minimum skill requirement on the trap item. It is based on the traps skill of the character who placed the trap.


Trap detection chance is based on Detection or both detection and traps skill. There are two formulas for trap detection value, the greater of the two for the particular character is used:

  • Pure detection equals 75% of regular detection value.
  • Hybrid detection equals 50% of regular detection value plus 75% of effective trap skill.

Hence characters with high traps skill also have better chance of detecting traps. The player can try to disarm any traps that have been detected - or trigger them with grenades or other AoE weapons. Your character will automatically avoid walking on traps that have been detected.

The detection difficulty for traps you place is based on your traps skill and modified by the trap's detection difficulty and other modifiers like trap expert feat. Generally speaking, only humanoid and robotic enemies try to detect traps. Animals are oblivious of traps.

Zone Control

Main article: Zone Control

The level of zone control defines how well traps set by you can be tracked back to you, allowing assassination with traps but preventing indiscriminate slaughter of friendly NPCs without triggering hostilities.

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  • Quick Tinkering - allows you to arm a trap instantly, even in combat
  • Trap Expert - allows faster arming of traps, makes them harder to detect