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Underrail features an elaborate item crafting system. A vast majority of the armor, weapons and some other items encountered in the game are based on the crafting system, which also works as the random generation system. The player can craft the exact same items with the right blueprint and parts of identical quality.

Crafting process

To craft an item, you require three things:

  1. Blueprint of the item.
    Once you have obtained a blueprint and downloaded it to your wristpad, you can use it anywhere via your Crafting G menu.
  2. The crafting components specified in the blueprint.
    Many blueprints also have optional components alter or enhance the item produced. Eg., a Scope for an Assault Rifle.
  3. Relevant technological skills. (See Mechanics, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology, Tailoring for details on each skill)
    Skill requirements are derived from the components used, and their quality. Optional components increase total skill requirements by a percentage of the component's skill requirement.

Crafted vs generated items

Investing in crafting skills has the advantage of ensuring you always have the best and most varied items available to you.

  • Some item enhancements are only available through crafting and not through the random item generator.
  • Similarly, some components are available in higher quality only in component form compared to those used when generating loot items and merchant inventories.
  • And finally, some items are only available through crafting.


Crafting feats

Alpha version introduced new crafting feats, allowing the player to craft further enhanced items.

  • Disassemble lets you break items down to their constituent components

Crafted item value

The trading value of crafted equipment, such as weapons and armor, is often significantly higher than the sum of component values. See Blueprints#Value multipliers for details.