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For a complete list of armor items, see Category:Armor.


Combat Stats C showing damage resistances, thresholds and modifiers of a character with Conditioning feat and simple Rathound Leather Armor.

Damage resistance and threshold

Armor in Underrail reduces damage via one of two mechanics, percentage-based damage resistance or flat damage threshold (DR% / DT). When you take damage, your armor will either reduce it by the amount specified by the damage resistance or by the flat amount specified by the threshold, whichever is greater, not both.[1] Thus, higher DT is better against faster attacks that deal less damage (such as SMGs, knife attacks, etc), while higher DR% is better against heavy attacks (snipers, sledgehammers, etc). Since version, player's Mechanical resistance is capped at 95%.

Some armors are specialized against certain attack types and their resistances and/or thresholds are increased against those. (e.g. Mechanical damage threshold of Tactical Vests is increased by 200% against bullets.)

Damage modifier

Damage taken will also be reduced (or increased) by the damage modifier percentage. It is counted after any DR% / DT provided by armor, so it stacks multiplicatively with armor resistances and works against armor-piercing attacks. Some armors provide small amounts of damage reduction in addition to their DR% / DT. Many items, consumables and feats also provide damage reduction. Certain effects increase the damage modifier and thus increase damage taken.

Damage modifier sources
Source Damage modifier Damage/attack type(s) Type Notes
Evasion -0% to -85% Area of effect attacks Skill
Stuntman -20% Area of effect attacks Feat additive to evasion, still capped at -85%
Tempered: Cold -30% Cold Feat
Tempered: Heat -30% Heat Feat
Tempered: Acid -30% Acid Feat
Tempered: Electricity -30% Electricity Feat
Conditioning -10% to -25% Mechanical, Heat, Cold Feat
Conditioning -5% Mechanical, Heat, Cold Specialization
Stoicism -0% to -24% All Feat 1% per 4% health missing
Stoicism -0% to -12% All Specialization
Blast Balaclava Varies Explosions Headwear
Ancient Rathound Leather Armor -5% Mechanical Armor Suit
Infused Ancient Rathound Leather Armor -5% Mechanical Armor Suit
Infused Ancient Rathound Leather Armor Varies Heat, Cold Armor Suit
Infused Leper Serpent Leather Armor E Varies Bio Armor Suit
Nanocomposite Plate armors Varies Critical Hits Armor Suit
Blast Overcoat armors Varies Explosions Armor Suit
Gray Spec Ops Armor E -20% Explosions Armor Suit
Blast Suit -85% Explosions Armor Suit
Lifting Belt -5% Mechanical Belt
Blast Tabi Boots Varies Explosions Footwear
Morphine Shot -50% All Drug
Aegis (medicine) -15% All Drug
Irongut -75% Bio Drug
Laylow -10% Bio Food
Canned Mushrooms -15% Bio Food
Canned Fish -15% Cold Food
Canned Meat -5% Mechanical Food
Canned Stew -8% Heat Food
Canned Czernina E -15% Heat Food
Cooked Burrower Egg -35% Poison Food
Sea Serpent Fillet E -20% Poison Food
Mutie Stew E -35% Acid Food
Kzozel E -10% Mechanical Food
Kzozel Yantar E -15% Mechanical Food
Mushroom Brew -10% Mechanical Food
Leper Poison E +10% to +60% Mechanical Poison Max 6 stacks, 10% per stack
Chemical Destabilization: Acid +25% to +50% Acid Status effect Max 2 stacks, 25% per stack
Chemical Destabilization: Heat +25% to +50% Heat Status effect Max 2 stacks, 25% per stack
Chemical Destabilization: Cold +25% to +50% Cold Status effect Max 2 stacks, 25% per stack
Infected Wound +10% to +30% All Status effect Max 3 stacks, 10% per stack
Infected Wound with Vile Weaponry: Damage specialization +15% to +45% All Status effect Max 3 stacks, 15% per stack
Contaminated +10% to +200% All Status effect Max 20 stacks, 10% per stack

Armor penalty

Armor penalty is an important property of all armors. It reduces your Dodge, Evasion, Stealth and Movement Points by a percentage. The heavier the armor is, the more armor penalty it has. Total armor penalty is capped at 95%. Armor penalty does not reduce movement points provided by temporary bonuses, such as Sprint.

Armor penalty varies within these ranges depending on the components of the armor
Armor penalty  0%  5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95%
Armor type Leather Armor
Leather Armor (Serpent Skin) E
Tactical Vest
Tactical Vest with armor plate
Riot Gear
Riot Gear with riot shield
Metal Armor
Metal Helmet


Since version, most armors and weapons have durability. You must either buy or craft repair kits that can be used to keep your equipment in working order. Once an armor's durability has been degraded enough, your UI will notify you that you have Damaged Armor and the armor will provide reduced bonuses, or no bonuses at all in case of Heavily Damaged Armor. Armor that has reached heavily damaged status or zero durability provides no bonuses, but they can still be repaired back to normal. Any equipped heavily damaged armor still provides any penalties it may have.

Armor slots

The armor slots


In addition to helmets and balaclavas, useful gadgetry like goggles can be worn on head. The craftable headwear types are Balaclava, Goggles, Psionic Headband and Metal Helmet.

Shield emitter

Shield emitters provide your character with an energy shield when powered. Energy Shield Emitters are craftable and do not suffer from limited durability, but require electrical energy.

Armor suit

The main piece of your protective armor, encompassing your character from shoulders to ankles. The craftable armor suit types are Leather Armor, Tactical Vest, Riot Gear and Metal Armor.


Belts grant extra utility slots and various other bonuses. Belts are not craftable and do not suffer from limited durability unlike most other armor pieces.


Boots provide additional protection and can improve your movement speed and melee combat performance. The craftable footwear types are Boots and Tabi Boots.


Armor in Underrail can be roughly split into three types - light, medium and heavy. These are not set-in-stone limitations, but rough examples of different playstyles. Mixing and matching different types is possible and encouraged.

Light armor

Light armors are characterized by zero or light armor penalty and bonuses stealth, movement and dodge/evasion.

Balaclava.png Balaclava
Antithermic Leather Overcoat.png Leather Armor
Ninja Tabi Boots.png Tabi Boots

Medium armor

Medium armors are characterized by specialized bonuses and medium armor penalty that allows a mix of stealth, mobility, damage avoidance and absorption as defense.

Motion Tracking Goggles.png Goggles Uni-Psi Headband.png Psionic Headband
Insulated Vest (Armor Suit).png Tactical Vest Riot Overcoat with Steel Shield.png Riot Gear
Rathound Leather Boots.png Leather Boots

Heavy armor

Heavy armors are characterized by heavy armor penalty, heavy weight and greatest damage resistances.

Steel Helmet.png Metal Helmet
Spiked Steel Armor.png Metal Armor
Steel Boots.png Metal Boots