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For an alphabetical list of components, see Category:Components.

Components are an extensive category of items that are exclusively used as components to craft other items. Components consists of a wide variety of items, such as gun barrels, creature organs and leather, crossbow part kits, chemicals, various electric devices, plants, different containers and so on.


Some components vary in quality attribute, which determines its skill requirements, its value and most importantly the quality of items crafted from it. These components are easy to discern from others since they are not stackable, unlike static components without quality. Most blueprints for armor and weapons use at least one component with quality, which determines some of the properties of the end product.

  • Artificial man-made components range from item level 1 to 30 (roughly quality 15-160) in the base game. With Underrail: Expedition installed, this changes to item level 1-35 (roughly quality 15-185).
  • Natural component quality variation depends on the level of creatures that drop them.


Each component of variable quality has its own formulas for each blueprint attribute that the quality determines. Generally these formulas are in simple A + B * itemLevel form, A being the base value and B a multiplier for the component's item level that is related to its quality.

See individual component pages for quality scaling charts.

Static components

Blueprints for static, stackable single use items such as medicines and special bolts do not usually use components with variable quality, since they always produce items with the exact same stats.

However, some blueprints use variable-quality metal plates and produce static-quality metal items in bulk. In these cases it is best to use cheap low-quality metal plates that are easy to work with.