Broadhead Bolt

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Broadhead Bolt.png
Broadhead Bolt
Combat Utility
A broad bolt head has less penetration, but creates a big bleeding wound.
Use: Shoots this bolt from a crossbow dealing normal bolt damage. If the target is a living creatures it inflicts a bleeding wound that deals 150% of the original damage over 3 turns. This bolt is weaker against armored targets, incurring an additional 15% of target's mechanical damage threshold.
(AP: 29)
Weight: 0.10
Value: 50

Broadhead Bolt is a type of special bolt, essentially a more powerful variant of Serrated Bolt.


Broadhead Bolts can be crafted with Blueprint: Broadhead Bolt.

Weapons using this ammo


Other info

Stackable: Yes (99)