Supercharged Lithium Cell

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Supercharged Lithium Cell.png
Supercharged Lithium Cell
Energy Source
The pinnacle of lithium energy storage technology. This cell discharges many orders of magnitude faster than a conventional lithium-ion battery, but cannot be recharged.
Use: Recharges an item with 30 energy.
(AP: 10)

Use: Recharges the current energy-based weapon with 30 energy.
(AP: 10)

Use: Recharges a large energy storage object with 30 energy.
(AP: 40)
Weight: 0.10
Value: 100

Supercharged Lithium Cell is a type of battery. Batteries are used to recharge electric devices and energy weapons. Some crafting blueprints also make use of them as components.

Used in crafting

Weapons using this ammo