Greater Fusion Cell

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Greater Fusion Cell.png
Greater Fusion Cell
Energy Source
This nuclear fusion battery houses a much bigger core than a regular fusion cell. Typically only used to charge vehicles and large field machinery.
Use: Recharges an item with 500 energy.
(AP: 10)

Use: Recharges the current energy-based weapon with 500 energy.
(AP: 10)

Use: Recharges a large energy storage object with 500 energy.
(AP: 40)
Weight: 1.5
Value: 1200

Greater Fusion Cell is a type of battery. While smaller batteries are commonly used to recharge small electric devices and some crafting blueprints also make use of them as components, these heavier fusion cells are wasteful for such applications and are better used recharging vehicles such as Jet Skis.

Weapons using this ammo