Creeping Dread

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Creeping Dread icon

Creeping Dread
You feel a deep primordial fear creeping in the back of your head. All offensive, defensive and psionic skils reduced by 2%.
Duration: 11 seconds
Max stacks: 20
See also: Eye of Tchort

Creeping Dread is a debuff. It is caused by being in Tchort-controlled areas of Deep Caverns, namely most of the Hollow Earth research complex (except Tithonus Lab) and the Mutagen Tanks. Normally it gains an additional stack every 5 seconds until it reaches 20 stacks, but it can be slowed down with Echoing Soliloquy feat.

Once it reaches 20 stacks, the eye of Tchort turns upon you, causing tchortlings to appear and seek you out.

Creeping Dread and Eye of Tchort can be reseted by avoiding Tchort's attention either by leaving the affected areas entirely or seeking refuge in safe spots found throughout the affected territory.

Tchort Zone mechanics

Easy Normal Hard DOMINATING
Creeping Dread stacks per tick[1] 1 1 2-3 3-5
Tchortling spawning cooldown (turns) 10 5 2 1
Max tchortlings (per entrance on the zone) 0.5 1.0 1.75 2.5
[1] Echoing Soliloquy provides 50-75% chance to prevent any stack from applying.

Safe spots

  • Anywhere outside Hollow Earth or Mutagen Tanks
  • Inside Eidein's passage in Cytosine Outpost
  • Inside Tithonus Laboratory
  • Hatch bunker in Hollow Earth vehicle park
  • Hatch bunker near Hanging Rat elevator
  • Hatch bunker in east Hollow Earth laboratories
  • Gate mechanism at Mutagen Tanks A
  • Gate mechanism at Mutagen Tanks B