Thought Control

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Ability to influence the minds of other living creatures through mental suggestion and domination. Also the ability to focus and enhance your own mental processes and to take greater control of your body.

In-game description
Neural Overload.png

Thought Control is a psi skill which allows to learn and use thought control psi abilities effectively. Your effective skill level (the number shown in parentheses on Character Sheet S and in Combat Stats C) is used for combat calculations and other skill checks, but a certain base skill score is required to learn new psi abilities.

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Thought Control is one of the disciplines of psi, along with Metathermics, Psychokinesis and Temporal Manipulation E. Thought Control is considered by many to be difficult and nefarious - mind controllers are often untrusted. Offensive thought control abilities consist of manipulating the minds of living targets, such as overloading their brains, making them flee in fear or attack everything in blind rage. Besides pure crowd control, thought control abilities can also deal a good amount of damage, but only on living targets and sometimes even only on human targets.

There is only one Thought Control teacher in the game: Ezra, head network administrator at South Gate Station, can teach the player up to three thought control abilities. However, psionic mentors can be found throughout the game and teach many more abilities.

Thought Control abilities

Ability Base skill required Learned from
Neural Overload.png Neural Overload - Ezra in South Gate Station
Frighten.png Frighten 30 Thought Control Ezra in South Gate Station
Bilocation.png Bilocation 35 Thought Control Mysterious Pillars of Silent Isle
Motor-cognitive Transference.png Motor-cognitive Transference 40 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Motor-cognitive Transference
Mental Breakdown.png Mental Breakdown 45 Thought Control Ezra in South Gate Station
Psychosomatic Predation.png Psychosomatic Predation 50 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Psychosomatic Predation
Psi-cognitive Interruption.png Psi-cognitive Interruption 55 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Psi-cognitive Interruption
Enrage.png Enrage 60 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Enrage
Pseudo-spatial Projection.png Pseudo-spatial Projection 65 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Pseudo-spatial Projection
Neurovisual Disruption.png Neurovisual Disruption 70 Thought Control Psionic Mentor: Neurovisual Disruption

Related feats

Thought Control skill checks

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Character Related quest(s) Skill Result
Jookhela Sewers generator 30 Skip the fight
Faceless Mindreader (Talos Outpost) Befriend the Faceless 120 Conceal your hostile actions towards the Faceless