Lemurian Engineer Suit

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Lemurian Engineer Suit.png
Lemurian Engineer Suit
Armor Suit
Suit that was likely worn by the Lemurian engineers. It has a number of integrated accessories that can help with a variety of field tasks.
Mechanical: 15% / 10
Electricity: 30% / 20
Armor penalty: 10%
Equip: Traps increased by 20
Equip: Hacking increased by 10
Equip: Lockpicking increased by 10
Equip: Mechanics increased by 10
Equip: Electronics increased by 10
- Intelligence 5
Durability: 1050 / 1050 (fabric)
Weight: 3.00
Value: 10000

Lemurian Engineer Suit is a unique armor suit.

NOTE: this item can be equipped without meeting its base skill requirement, but it won't provide any on equip effects.


This item is not craftable.


Nexus of Technology, inside a cabinet in the room next to the Power Substation Unit at Level 9