Hyperallergenic (component)

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Hyperallergenic (component).png
This malignant substance can induce a state of hyper allergy towards healing medicine.
Required crafting skills:
Biology 100
Use: Applies hyperallergenic to a suitable melee weapon that will inflict up to 80 unavoidable bio damage to the victim and daze them for 3 turns if they consume any type of medicine while under its effect. Lasts 10 turns.
(AP: 20)
Weight: 0.10
Value: 400

Hyperallergenic is a chemical extracted from Hyperallergenic Glands. It can be applied to a melee weapon with a cutting edge to inflict Hyperallergenic status effect on hit if the attack penetrates the armor. It does not remove any other enhancements such as Anticoagulant or Poisons already applied.