Defend the island

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Defend the island

Defend the island.png
Quest information
Location Black Sea Expedition Camp
Given by Chief Briggs
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
300 Stygian Coins
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Recover the A-RFID Chip

While you are talking with Professor Oldfield and Chief Briggs in the tent, Yahota comes to report that there are a large number of vessels approaching the island.


  • Speak with Professor Oldfield. You can find his tent in the middle of the camp.
  • The camp is under attack! Follow Yahota to the island's southeastern beach and defend your position against the invaders. Return to the professor once the coast is clear.


Follow Yahota to the southeastern beach. Combat will begin soon after you enter the map. Sørmirbæren Krigsfar will disembark from both south and east of the beach in waves (total of 24 enemys on hard difficulty). Ally's reinforcements will arrive after several turns.

This quest is quite simple. The intruders will be eliminated even without your help, but Yahota might die this way. Once the coast is clear, return to the professor. Collect your paycheck at Marcus.