Dude's other quest

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The Dude's other quest

Drinking with dude.png
Quest information
Location Rail Crossing
Given by Dude
Rewards 2000 + 2000 classic XP/2 + 2 oddity XP
Access to Rifts and The Juice
Related quests

Dude's vision

Dude had a vision... of a journey with you. Although he doesn't remember the specific details it involves gathering ingredients through his old homes. Completion grants Second Sight which allows Fast travel through rifts, with the aid of The Juice.


  • The Dude had another vision...
  • Help Dude search his old home in Core City.
  • Help Dude search his old home in Upper Underrail.
  • Dude needs 2 mushroom brews, two measures of unsaturated psionic catalyst, two of morphine, and two of gyromitrin to make the juice for you and him. Speak to him when you're ready to continue the journey.
  • Dude needs you to find any kind of mineral oil you can find in this base. It is the only way to return back whence you came.


After returning the Mushroom Brew to Dude in the Rail Crossing bar, you can join him in the quest by elevating your consciousness through mushroom brew.

Dude's home in Core City

This transports you to the Dude's old home in Core City and gives you Heavy Intoxication a flat penalty to all stats that decreases as you journey with Dude. Zoner Ma can be persuaded, intimidated (30 effective skill), bribed with 100 Charons or insulted with Intelligence (8 base before the Heavy Intoxication debuff) into letting you search her apartment. There's a hidden cracked tile in the south-east corner containing a small key. This opens a safe behind a panel containing an Unsaturated Psionic Catalyst.

Dude's home in Upper Underrail

Next stop is Dude's old lab in Upper Underrail. The ingredient here, Morphine, is trapped in a locker in a locked room inexplicably full of mutants. The Dude left the keycard in the desk. The mutants can be fought directly or the Dude's zap-spider addled console can be used to turn on the cyro chambers and slowly refrost the mutants.

Console Puzzle

There are three sequences of numbers hidden in the trash can, chemical station and power box: 67 33 82, 79 55 11 and 76 89 25. The console has options each with 3 numbers separated by jumbles of letters. The solution to the puzzle is to sum the 3 numbers in the console options. The correct options in the console will have the same total as the 2 digit number in the clue. For example 67 33 82 requires entering in the option that equals 67 (23+31+13) followed by the option that equals 33 followed by the option that equals 82.


Correct options are 6,4,2 then 8,5,3 then 8,6,6

Dude's cave home

The Dude's next home is in the Upper Caves. The Dude warns you that's there danger inside but cannot remember what specifically. A shanty inside a wet and damp cave with bits of broken down technology. Dude's cave home is full of cats and bits of scrap. When the player approaches Dude's bed, the cats suddenly turn hostile and begin shooting powerful lasers! The murderous cats have a very low HP pool but have very good dodge and evasion, Throwing weapons such as Frag Grenades, Molotov Cocktails and Traps are good option to fight off the fatal felines. By searching the desk in the ramshackle laboratory, you will find Gyromitrin. Exit the cave after dealing with the cats and inform The Dude that the area is safe. Telling him about the Gyromitrin and he realise it is the final ingredient that he needs. The Dude cannot remember the exact measurements of ingredients to create The Juice but you can help him remember which will net you 2 Oddity XP. Dude will now create you a bottle of The Juice. Consuming the mysterious psi-alcoholic cocktail will grant you Second Sight and allow you to attune yourself to the Rift in Dude's house and begin a rift-walk to locations unknown.

Gray Army Base

The visions didn't warn Dude that your ultimate destination is the Gray Army Base. Dude can't make any more juice to return home but mineral oil might inexplicably provide enough lubrication for the residual juice in your body to work again. The Gun Lubricating Oil is located on a shelf at the back of armory. The armory is immediately to the north and west of the starting zone, behind a garage door.

Access requires hacking the access console (100 Hacking) or getting the Magatzin keycard from a desk in the North-West of the second level. The Gray Army Base is swarming with Gray Army Gunners, Snipers, Grenadiers, Heavy Gunners and Officers. You can avoid combat if you wear the appropriate uniform and avoid dialogue (does not work if player character is a woman). If the original soldiers are killed the lights will cut and a Gray Army Spec Ops team and a few Dobermans will spawn. Retrieving the gun lube will reward you with 2000 classic/2 oddity XP.

Alternatively, if you happen to have a Hydraulic Fluid Canister in your inventory, you can give it to Dude right away and skip the whole base.