Sørmirbæren Krigsfar

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Sørmirbæren Krigsfar

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Location Black Sea

The Sørmirbæren Krigsfar are warriors of the Sørmirbæren tribesmen.


Wielding primitive weapons made of bone, usually lathered in poison, and also carrying a few crude but effective tribal remedies; the Krigsfar, which means "warrior" in their language, are among the most numerous (and the most human looking) of the Sørmirbæren.

Fighting Tactics

The Krigsfar melee fighters are equipped with spears, sabres, knives, and sledgehammers. The marksmen are equipped with crossbows, bolts, poisoned bolts, and a knife as a backup weapon. All of them carry Healing Salves for healing and/or Vitality Powder for strength as well as Throwing Nets.

The melee fighters will fearlessly and recklessly rush into melee range, while marksmen will try to hang back and shoot enemies with their crossbows, usually with poisoned bolts. Both will sometimes use throwing nets.

Although they have fairly high health, they have no armor whatsoever. Therefore, fragmentation explosives, JHP rounds and fire are extremely effective. For protecting the island camp, setting up plenty of mines will thin them out before they get close, while caltrops and bear traps, especially poisoned ones, can slow them and wear them down considerably.

Their primary strength is their vast numbers as well as their tendency to distract the player from the more dangerous Skærders, Sppæters and Öyetsppæters.