Investigate Joint Security Headquarters

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Investigate Joint Security Headquarters

Quest information
Location Joint Security Headquarters
Given by Professor Oldfield
Rewards 500 Stygian Coins
Related quests

Investigate Lemurian Health Center


Obtain a Submarine

After talking to Professor Oldfield about the true purpose of the expedition, he will give you the next set of sites to investigate. It is necessary to get through the Nexus of Technology and the Health Center first before you are able to enter the Joint Security Headquarters.


  • Investigate Joint Security Headquarters, located at coordinates F12. Report your findings to Professor Oldfield.


Entrance to the Joint Security Headquarters lies at coordinates F12, however the player can also land at E11 in a small native outpost and make their way to F12 on foot.

The facility is heavily guarded by multiple Seahorse Plasma Turrets which need to be destroyed first in order to access the building. EMP Grenades and a good quality High Frequency Shield Emitter can be essential here, especially if player doesn't use ranged weapons.

Once inside, you will be stopped by a bio-scanner. If you haven't visited Lemurian Health Center yet, you will be unable to progress until you explore that location and implant the A-RFID Chip into your own hand.

After getting past the scanner, player needs to reach the security console in the northern office which can be accessed either throught the armory to the west or barracks to the north-east. The facility itself is filled with Strongmen, Handmaidens, few Naga Protectors, usually inactive and few plasma turrets. There are also some Plasma Mine traps in the main hall.

The Armory in the west is infested by Giant Creepers. There are also two inactive Strongmen nearby which will awaken if player opens any gate via electronic lock. It is possible to lure both enemy groups to each other, which will cause a fight to break out between spiders and robots. To proceed, player needs to either hack the lock to the NE gate (100 effective skill) or open it by interacting with heavily damaged computer console which is found upstairs.

Once you reach the security console, use it to lift the lockdown and open the gates outside and elevator to the second level. With 90 effective Hacking, player can also disable the security cameras and with 110 Hacking also the automated turrets to make exploration easier. Once the lockdown is lifted however, the Strongmen will activate and start to roam the main hall.

Use the elevator to reach the Joint Security Command level and obtain the docking coordinates for Abyssal Station Zero from the computer console. You can explore the location more, but to finish the quest you only need the coordinates and report back to Professor Oldfield. After leaving the facility, player will be ambushed by a group of Sørmirbæren. This ambush can be prevented by wiping their village nearby, destroying the Black Rock Totem or killing Sørmirbæren Bäsekar at the top of the lighthouse at D10.

Moreover, in the HQ inner dockyard is a Reef Glider jetski that the player can either tow with a Freighter jetski or use itself after replacing its damaged vehicle parts. In turn, the vehicle can be brought and sold to Ray's jet ski shop in Core City for a base price of 7000 charons, and depending on the player's Mercantile skill its price can be increased to 10000, 12000, 15000, 17000 or 20000 charons. It should be noted that Ray will only accept the Glider if you also possess Reef Glider Key which can be found on the corpse of the security commander inside the war room in Joint Security Command level.

Hard Difficulty

Difficulty of this quest is significantly increased on Hard Difficulty and above, particularly for gear-dependent characters, as player is forced to deposit all their equipment (including what they are wearing) in the item container in the scanner room. The items are then transferred to the (locked) Decontamination office.

There are few ways how to access the room and recover their equipment: hack the door with a Haxxor (90 effective skill) or by destroying the wall with a TNT Charge. Necessary Haxxor Mk III can be found in a desk in the room to the west, while 3 TNT Charges can be found in the armory inside a cabinet. Laying one TNT far away from the Decontamination office first may draw enemies toward it, allowing the player to destroy the Decontamination office wall with a second TNT and then slip into the office to re-equip.

Until recovering their gear, player should be very careful while navigating the facility, as any noise (such as stepping on a Plasma Mine) or being detected by cameras will activate the Strongmen.