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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Vehicle image
Medium Jet Ski Suspension
Large Engine
Medium Engine
Medium Battery
Medium Battery

Durability 300
Base Speed 220
Speed Modifier 45%
Empty Speed 32
Evasion Modifier 5%
Stability 60%
Maneuverability 45%
Melee Bonus 0%
Cover 45%
Mechanical 50% / 50
Heat 60% / 60
Cold 90% / 150
Electricity None
Acid 40%
Energy 25% / 15
Bio 100%

Biocorp Industries Freighter is a Jet Ski model.



This jet is for those who got a lot of heavy baggage and a lot of time on their hands. The Biocorp Industries Freighter is a sturdy, affordable jet with two engines and two batteries, and o-kay protection. It's heavy and it's slow, but even with stock components it'll never struggle no matter how much stuff you've stuffed in it.


With slots for a large and a medium engine, only the Devastator can rival freighter's engine power potential, but it is the slowest jetski available at only 45% speed modifier. It has mediocre 300 durability, but its relatively high cover and damage resistances are only surpassed by dedicated naval combat jet skis.

The freighter is notable for its unique ability to Tow small naval vessels, such as other jetskis and even small submersibles. Its cargo carrying capacity is unmatched due to the ability to tow another loaded jetski, although the freighter alone is slower hauler than heavy jetskis with near equal engine power.

The freighter towing another Jet Ski

Stock parts


A freighter is sitting outside Ray's shop at Core City east docks. It can be stolen or bought once Ray returns to his shop.


Asking Price Effective Mercantile Skill
6600 0
5940 60
5280 80
4620 110