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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Raymond Cerr

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Faction Core City commoners
Role Merchant
Location Core City Docks
Shop file cc_ray.store

Ray (full name is Raymond Cerr) is the owner and chief mechanic of Ray's Shop, a jet ski dealership located on the Core City Docks.

Player interactions

If you steal something in his shop when it closed, (before starting Expedition DLC) in the first time meeting you may ask him about his nervous look, and then say that you saw one strange person walking in the store. Then he asks you about his apearence (height, cloth and more), in theory, you may describe someone, and then, when the Praetorian Security guys find a character, who falls under the description, Ray will give to you lifetime discount. Note: it is unconfirmed if it is actually possible.

Player can also sell jet skis to him, however the only jet he is willing to pay for that wasn't bought from him previously, is Reef Glider found in the Joint Security Headquarters in the Black Sea.

Trader inventory

He sells jet ski parts and jet ski accessories.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available
Notable special merchandise (Mercantile: 50, 85)