Reef Glider

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
LEMCO Reef Glider
Vehicle image
Small Jet Ski Suspension
Small Engine
Small Battery

Durability 210
Base Speed 220
Speed Modifier 120%
Empty Speed 70
Evasion Modifier 20%
Stability 50%
Maneuverability 77%
Melee Bonus 0%
Cover 35%
Mechanical 30% / 30
Heat 25% / 20
Cold 80% / 60
Electricity None
Acid 20%
Energy 15% / 5
Bio 100%

LEMCO Reef Glider is a Jet Ski model.


Reef Glider

You can find it at the joint-security-HQ, after you gained access to it by implanting the microchip into yourself. You can bring some new parts for it on your own or you can use the scrapparts which you can find in the armory of the HQ or you can tow it to ray using the freighter.

A... what?


Small but fast, a one-of-a-kind jet. Ray will pay good money for it.

Ray's Price

Charons Skill
10000 60
12000 80
15000 100
17000 120
20000 140

Stock parts


The Reef Glider is moored inside the Joint Security Headquarters maintenance bay.