Scrap Jet

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Scrap Jet
Vehicle image
Small Jet Ski Suspension
Medium Engine
Medium Battery

Durability 200
Base Speed 220
Speed Modifier 90%
Empty Speed 63
Evasion Modifier 16%
Stability 50%
Maneuverability 65%
Melee Bonus 0%
Cover 35%
Mechanical 20% / 20
Heat 28% / 25
Cold 80% / 60
Electricity None
Acid 20%
Energy 15% / 5
Bio 100%

Scrap Jet is a Jet Ski model.


Scrap Jet

Scrap jet is a more modern term for a larger standin' jet, 'cuz it got a bit more scrap on it. It's slightly heavier, but it offers more protection and durability.


The step up from the basic Junk Jet, a Scrap Jet offers greater armor, larger battery and engine slots.

Upgrade slots

  • Battery, max size 2
  • Suspension, max size 1
  • Engine, max size 2