SGS Credits

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SGS Credits.png
SGS Credits
This is the internal currency of the South Gate Station.
Value: 10

SGS Credits are a unit of currency.


Unlike other less powerful stations in the south, South Gate Station has its own internal currency. This currency is common around SGS and can be acquired in a number of ways, such as working for the South Gate community and selling unwanted goods in South Gate Station.

Outside South Gate Station, however, Stygian Coins are commonly used and SGS credits are accepted only by a few nearby traders.

Every new character starts the game with a free set amount of SGS credits and is free to spend it how they wish.. just remember to spend it wisely!

Currency exchange

You can exchange SGS credits to Stygian coins at Colton in Junkyard docks. The exchange rate is 5 SGS credits to 1 coin. This rate can be lowered to 4 SGS credits to 1 coin with 40 active Mercantile skill.

Blaine and Old Jonas also carry and accept both SGS credits and Stygian coins, allowing limited currency exchange at a fair rate.