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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
The face side of this plastic bill depicts an austere middle-aged man with a great, thick mustache and slightly less thick eyebrows. He is dressed in ornate uniform and has a tall, unusual, but no less elegant military cap atop his head. The name beside the picture reads Jarkov Breposlav Mochnik.
Value: 15

Zlatortiya is a unit of currency.


The currency of Fatherland in West Underrail, encountered in the Gray Army Base. The name zlatortiya comes from zlatna hartija (hartya), which means golden paper. The figure in the bills is Nadbojvod Jarkov Mochnik.

Currency exchange

Kokoschka in the Free Drones Base exchanges Zlatortiya to Stygian Coins at a 3:1 ratio. With enough Mercantile, the exchange rate can be brought down to a 2:1 ratio.