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South Gate StationControlled zone

This is your home base. It's a vertical compound that spans between Lower Underrail and lower caves.
Global Map SGS.png
Urban area information
Music Echoes of the City
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas Lower Underrail: South Gate Station
South Gate Station level 1
South Gate Station level 2
South Gate Station level 3
South Gate Station level 4
South Gate Station level 5
South Gate Station level 6
South Gate Station level 7
South Gate Station level 8
South Gate Station level 9
South Gate Station Docks
Connections Lower Underrail (level 1)
Crossroad Watch (level 9)
Chancer's Bay (level 9 docks)
Fast Travel Lower Underrail metro (level 1)
Lower Caves ferry (level 9 docks)
Rift (level 8 agronomy)
NPCs Essie, Bisson, Harland, Gorsky, Lucas, Hadrian Tanner, Vera Hale, Pasquale, Ezra, Harold, Quinton, Malcom, Captain Svana, Arlene, Najed, Wayne, Roman, Jack Quicksilver, Lenox, Ethan E
Map file(s) LU-SouthGateStation-N

South Gate Station, also known as SGS, is the home station of the player.


South Gate Station is the first major urban location and also the first major station of the Underrail metro network in the game. It is an old military installation consisting of nine floors, the topmost being at the level of Lower Underrail and the deepest parts reaching the caves below the Underrail network.

South Gate is an autonomous community and not a member of United Stations, but could become its first member in south Underrail. It is the most powerful station in the entire south Lower Underrail. It has its own internal currency, SGS Credits, but Stygian Coin is also accepted by the merchants of South Gate. The station maintains peaceful trade relations with United Stations Embassy, Rail Crossing and other major settlements in south Lower Underrail.

South Gate Station is ruled by a council of three - Hadrian Tanner, Vera Hale and Gorsky. The council holds meetings and discusses important political and security matters with other key members of the community such as Ezra, Old Jonas and the player. Depending on the player's actions, South Gaters may become involved in a gang war over the control of Junkyard.


Details of each level in the stations.

Level 1 - Lower Underrail Station Platform and Barracks

This level is split into four areas. The barracks are north of the elevator. The underpass runs under the station platform. The station platform also continues to south.

Exit to northern Lower Underrail is north of the barracks. Exit to Lower Underrail tunnels is sealed and monitored by Harland. Exit to southern Lower Underrail is south of the station proper.

Notable characters

  • Essie — guide
  • Bisson (in the north platform) — martial arts specialist, psionic trainer
  • Harland (in the underpass) — under-passage exit guard

Level 2 - Armory and Shooting Range

This level contains the tutorial area and a shooting range and armory where you can buy weapons. It is a tightly guarded area; all of SGS's munitions are stored here.

Level 3 - Commons and Cantina

In addition to commons and cantina, Tanner's office is also on this level. You can meet many south gaters and other characters loitering in the cantina at different times.

Notable characters

Level 4 - Administration and Library

Most of SGS administration is perfomed here. Vera's office and council meeting room adjoin the large library.

  • Northeast of Vera's room is a server room which requires 10 Hacking to enter

Notable characters

Level 5 - Private Quarters

Your Private Quarters on SGS Level 5

Private quarters of the SGS residents.

After a short introduction scene, you start the game in this level, in your own private quarters. People usually don't loiter around here, so this level is mostly deserted during day time. Some loot can be found in the other rooms, but opening their doors requires rather high lockpicking or hacking skills.

Notably, one of the vacant rooms belonged to late Patrick Pierce and can be accessed only with Patrick Pierce's Room Key while investigating Pat's death for his brother.

Level 6 - Medical and Psionics

The medical level and gymnasium. Expect to visit it often if you have a tendency to get hurt, as Dr. Pasquale can heal your wounds without depleting your own precious medical supplies.

Level 7 - Engineering and Cyber Labs

Both the engineering and cyber labs sections are located on this level.

  • 2 locked doors requiring 30 Hacking lead to the server room to the southeast of the cyber section

Notable characters

  • Ezra — head of engineering section, psionic trainer
  • Harold — chief engineer

Level 8 - Agronomy and Pens

This level contains the agronomy section and cave hopper pens. Most of South Gate's food comes from here.

  • The south biology room:
  • The fridge area to the southwest can be accessed with 15 Lockpicking. Several food items can be found there.
  • Quinton, biologist and psionic trainer
  • Big Bret — agronomist
  • The room west of the elevator:
    • Its door requires 55 Lockpicking
    • Has a desk requiring 20 Lockpicking
    • Has a power switch that will enable/disable light switches in the pens

Level 9 - Cave Tunnel Exit and Docks

This level has two exits. A tightly guarded airlock leading into the south caverns and Crossroad Watch. Another exit leads to the docks with a boat ferry.

Notable characters

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