United Stations Dollar

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United Stations Dollar.png
United Stations Dollar
Fiat currency of United Stations and the Protectorate.
Value: 50

United Stations Dollar, or simply USD, is a unit of currency.


United Stations Dollar is the fiat money used by United Stations member stations and the Protectorate. It has the highest base value of all currencies in use in Underrail.

USDs are used just like any other currency, in that you can exchange them for weapons, ammo, etc. at merchants who accept it. Currency items are always valued at their base trading value, without any trader's price modifier. They have no weight in your inventory.

Currency exchange

Fraser in Fort Apogee exchanges USD and charons. Colton at Junkyard docks does not exchange USD to Stygian Coins, only SGS Credits. Marcus can also exchange them for charons.