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Protectorate insignia
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Underrail Protectorate, or simply Protectorate is the military force of United Stations.

The Underrail Protectorate is a military organization that protects the United Stations from external and internal threats. It predates the union itself and it also played a crucial role in its creation. The protectorate is under the command of general Melek, who is widely considered to be the most powerful man in the Underrail. He holds a special place on the United Stations' Council of Five, and some also believe him to be de facto ruler of it.

Vera Hale

Presence in south Underrail

The protectorate has a very limited presence and influence in the lawless south Lower Underrail, where they only have a single outpost that serves as a connection to the United Stations Embassy below it.

Their presence in Upper Underrail is much stronger.

Known bases


Important characters

General Melek is supreme commander of the Protectorate.

Fort Apogee:

Junkyard Embassy:

South Railroad Outpost:

Port Zenith:

Chemical Assault Unit:

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