Blueprint: Explosive Bullets

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Blueprint: Explosive Bullets
Contains instructions on how to create .44 explosive bullets.
Use: Download blueprint into your wristpad.
Weight: 0.05
Value: 2000

You can create .44 explosive bullets using bullet cases, any metal plate, and a certain amount of hexogen.
.44 Bullet Case (x20) Metal Hexogen

Produces 20 .44 Explosive Rounds.

Required skills

Supported parts

.44 Bullet Case (x20)


  • One blueprint can be found in Upper Underrail, where the leader of the renegade Protectorates can be found. It is located in the room where Sergeant First Class Timothy Holloway resides in. The blueprint will be found inside the desk.
  • Sold by Praetorian Security quartermaster Lieutenant Stratford in Core City.
  • Small random chance to appear in any weapon shop.