Blueprint: Super Health Hypo

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Blueprint: Super Health Hypo
Contains instructions on how to create a super health hypo.
Use: Download blueprint into your wristpad.
Weight: 0.05
Value: 1500

Super health hypo can be created by mixing healthy animal blood, fusing enzyme, gyromitrin, and, curiously, crawler poison.
Blood (x5) Fusing Enzyme Gyromitrin (x3)
Crawler Poison Syringe (x2)

Produces 1 Super Health Hypo.

Required skills

Supported parts

Blood (x5)
Fusing Enzyme
Gyromitrin (x3)
Crawler Poison
Syringe (x2)


  • Found in the West Wing of Institute of Tchort, on a shelf behind a barely visible door near the burrowers. Look along the north-west side of the room for the door.
  • In one of the boxes in northernmost room in the Panacea Lab.
  • Rarely sold by merchants, including non-doctors - Old Jonas sometimes carries it.