Blueprint: Shotgun

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Xpbl blueprint.png
Blueprint: Shotgun
Contains instructions on how to create a shotgun.
Use: Download blueprint into your wristpad.
Weight: 0.05
Value: 1400

Shotguns can be created from frame and barrel parts. The type and quality of the frame will determine the shotgun's overall damage potential, while the barrel will dictate the spread and will also modify damage.

An optional component can also be added to further enhance the weapon.
Shotgun Frame Barrel
Shotgun Enhancement

Produces all types of craftable Shotguns.

Required skills

  • Mechanics (skill level needed depends on component quality)

Supported parts

Shotgun Frame
Shotgun Enhancement (optional)
  • Icon Forward Grip: increases burst precision by 10% on combat shotguns, decreases action point cost of regular shotguns by 5
  • Icon Shotgun Choke: decreases spread angle by 10 degrees, decreases damage by 15%
  • Icon Shotgun Tube Extension: +3 shell capacity

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