Joint Security Headquarters

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Joint Security HeadquartersUncontrolled zone

Due to all the automated combat machinery, you can also surmise that this is some sort of a military base.
Dungeon information
Music Unknown
Located in Black Sea
Connections Black Sea

Joint Security Headquarters is a heavily armed facility located far to the north of Black Sea Expedition Camp, deep inside Sørmirbæren territory.


The entrance to the Joint Security Headquarters lies at coordinates F12, however the player can also park their jet ski at E11 in a small native outpost and make their way to F12 on foot. Inside of the facility can be accessed only after upgrading your clearance level at Nexus of Technology and implanting microchip into your own hand in Lemurian Health Center. Because of the heavy presence of automatons, EMP Grenades are very useful here.

If the player hadn't wiped out the native village nearby, destroyed the Black Rock Totem or killed Sørmirbæren Bäsekar, they will be ambushed by a group of Sørmirbæren upon leaving the facility.


Main Hall




  • Desk in a room to the south has Capacitive Deionizator oddity
  • Computer console can open inner dock gate
  • There is an inactive Naga Protector which will awaken if player gets too close
  • On the other side of the dockyard are two plasma turrets
  • Reef Glider jet ski is here

Joint Security Command

Enemies and other hazards




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