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Institute of TchortControlled zone

An esoteric sciento-religous community.
Location information
Music Halls of the Learned
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Courtyard
East wing
West wing
Utility section
Connections Upper Underrail (University station)
Upper Underrail (Hole in west wing)
Harpocrates Station
Cytosine Outpost
Fast Travel Upper Underrail metro (station)
Rift (station underpassage)
NPCs Eidein, Mediant Samuel, PI Schteff, PI Georgis, PI Rista, Episkopos Lydia, Efreitor Denzil, Praepostor Amelia, Rassophore Payam, Provost Vladan, Judicator Azarias

Efreitor Hanna, Investigator Kiro, Octavia, Investigator Vuk, Jerre Franz, Theodore

Map file(s) tch-entry

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The Institute of Tchort is a location in Upper Underrail, accessible via the orange metro line's University station.


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The institute used to be a Biocorp University, but it has been expanded and renovated considerably in the past decade of Tchortist occupation.


At the courtyard, there's a very diverse crowd of zoners seeking admission into the Institute.


The north upper section of the Institute contains the offices.

East Wing

Upper east wing houses the investigation department's science laboratories, lecture halls and preservation department's armory.

Lower east wing houses the sleeping quarters and medical office.


The armory is located between east wing and offices. Take the stairs up west of the fountain at east wing main hall or take the eastern stairs down from offices. Mediant Samuel is the highest-ranking preservation officer in the Institute while the Harmost is visiting Deep Caverns. Efreitor Hanna is the local armory keeper.

Physics Lab

The physics laboratory is at the north end of east wing. Schteff is the principal investigator of this section. Investigator Kiro is an electronics merchant whose services you can use if you get permission from the principal investigator.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry laboratory is at the east end of east wing. Georgis is the principal investigator of this section. Octavia is a chemical merchant whose services you can use if you get permission from the principal investigator.

Genetics Lab

The genetics laboratory is at the south end of east wing. Rista is the principal investigator of this section. Investigator Vuk is a biology merchant whose services you can use if you get permission from the principal investigator.

Lecture halls

The halls are mostly quiet and empty. You can meet Percival from Core City here.

Sleeping quarters 1

  • Linked to the Main Hall and Sleeping quarters 2
  • The 4 doors on the west side each require 70 Lockpicking to open

Sleeping quarters 2

Your bunk bed and also the Institute's medical office is located here.

West Wing

Upper west wing houses the library. Most of the west wing is abandoned.

Lower east wing houses the refectory and entrance to utility section.

Eidein's library

The Institute's library dates back to a century, back when the Institute still was a Biocorp University. It has been expanded considerably since. Curator Nenna can be met in the library.

Library Terminal

The Library Terminal contains The Original Report, Important Dates (an overview of the Institute's notable events), Investigative Papers and Digital Literature. The Investigative Papers section contains Super Steel Refining Data and Blueprint: Regenerative Mixture, but to acquire them the player has to either have enough Hacking (100), pickpocket (53) the Library Propagator Card (Institute of Tchort) from the Tchortist Acolyte nearby or persuade (100) Curator Nenna to grant you access. The Digital Literature section of the Library Terminal contains references to literary works and movies.


The refectory is the Institute's canteen and kitchen.

Utility section 1

Utility section 2

The utility section is accessible from refectory kitchen, and with an elevator in Eidein's office.

A part of the utility section is forbidden even to most Tchortists. It is possible to sneak in using the hidden ventilation shaft in west wing.

Genetic experiments are conducted in this forbidden laboratory, where some of the resulting creatures (called "rejects" by Tchortists) are detained. They can be freed by hacking the computer in the cells corridor (50 hacking skill needed), or by finding a key card on one of the scientists in another room.

Once the doors are open, rejects need to be directed to the hidden ventilation shaft by talking to the elder, named Sharp, and also mentioning the hole in the west wing as a possible escape route. Once the rejects are moving, they will be attacked on sight by any Tchortist guard, which prevents there escape.

It is possible to allow them to escape without revealing yourself to the Tchortists by creating a diversion. West of the cells is another ventilation shaft that leads north to another location in the same zone. Throwing a grenade there, or using a TNT charge, then sprinting back through the shaft to signal the rejects to move should give them just enough time to escape while the guards are investigating the explosion noise. On the other hand, attacking the guards, even stealthily, will turn all Tchortists hostile, since this is a controlled area. There is no quest associated to the rejects, and once they escaped they can't be seen ever again.


While at the Institute, you may work for both the preservation and investigation departments.


Mediant Samuel's jobs

Completing all of Mediant Samuel's tasks allows you to join the preservation section as a Rassophore. Joining the preservation section will grant both Tchortist Vathosphore Armor and Tchortist Rassophore Armor. To receive the armors speak with Efreitor Hanna.


Physics lab (Principal Investigator Schteff)

Chemistry lab (Principal Investigator Georgis)

Genetics lab (Principal Investigator Rista)

Completing six tasks for the investigation section allows you to join the investigation section. Joining the investigation section will grant a belt according to the department you choose:

To receive the belt speak with Usha again, messenger of Episkopos Lydia who first contacted you.

Map gallery

Entrance and offices

East wing

West wing

Main article: Institute of Tchort west wing

Most of the west wing is ruined and has been sealed off for decades.

Utility section