Darkdweller Cave

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Darkdweller cave

A random event entered via holes in the ground on the Upper Caves. This is the lair of numerous Darkdwellers, vicious cannibals that will try to ambush you from stealth the moment you enter further into the cave. Most of them use poison-coated knives, they also have a fear of light sources, like Flares or fire. One darkdweller also uses a sharpened sledgehammer coated in two poison types.

Most of them can use both Sprint and Dirty Kick, making close quarter combat very dangerous.

There are 4 bags containing some random crafting components and coins, however some are surrounded by beartraps. A dead body to the west will have both a Mining Helmet and a Electric Lantern. An exit can be found in the northeast section of the cave, before a 3 Agility check to pass over a fallen rock formation.}

The cave will never de-spawn once entered. This event can only occur in level 12 or higher level zones.