Mushroom Cove Hunter Wolo

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Role Hunter
Location Mushroom Cove
Abilities Aimed Shot

Wolo is a character that can be met in a random event in the Mushroom Cove during Hopper round up quest. He uses crossbow and throwing nets and is accompanied by his dog Shoogi.


Wolo will walk around the cove, stopping from time to time near one of the holes cave hoppers hide in. If player gets too close, he will initiate the conversation.

Player will have the following options:

  • Give him some of your hunting equipment.
  • Convince him to leave you alone with enough Biology, Perception or Intimidation.
  • Convince him that you could help each other catch cave hoppers. Doing this will make Wolo disappear and award you with 3 Captured Hoppers.
  • Refuse to help him. This will prompt Wolo and his dog to attack you.