Upper Caves

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Upper CavesUncontrolled zone

There is an intricate network of cave tunnels below, above and all around the Underrail metro system.
Global Map LUX.png
Major location information
Music Subterra
Located in Around Lower Underrail
Areas Upper Caves
Connections Lower Underrail (multiple exits)
GMS compound level 1
Lost Vault
Hanging Rat bar
Bunker (Upper Caves)
Hephaestus Research
NPCs Milton
Map file(s) lux-a1, lux-a2, lux-a3, lux-a4, lux-a5, lux-a6, lux-a6x lux-a7, lux-a8, lux-a9, lux-a10, lux-a11, lux-a12

lux-b3, lux-b4, lux-b5, lux-b6, lux-b7, lux-b8, lux-b10, lux-b12, lux-b13, lux-b14, lux-b15, lux-b16, lux-b17, lux-b18, lux-b19
lux-c1, lux-c2, lux-c3, lux-c4, lux-c5, lux-c6, lux-c7

Upper Caves or Metro Caves are the caves directly connected to Lower Underrail, far above both Lower Caves and Deep Caverns.


Some wall breaches in Lower Underrail lead to these adjoining caverns. They are inhabited mostly by various wildlife and largely devoid of human life, except the occasional bandit camp here and there. Ruins of old military facilities can be found even in these caverns, despite them not being directly connected to Lower Underrail's systems.


All sorts of critters reside in these caverns, and few humans can be occasionally met.

Rathounds, Rathound Alphas, Pigs, Warthogs, Azuridae, Dogs, Burrower Spawn, Burrowers, Crawlers
Lunatic Gunners (lvl10), Lunatic Scanners
Lurker Smugglers


Map Gallery

Part A

This part of Upper Caves is initially accessible for the most part. They area near the South Gate area. Some passages must be opened with TNT Charges.

Part B

This part of Upper Caves becomes accessible once the player has TNT Charges or Jackhammer. If entering from Lower Underrail, they are located north of Rail Crossing train station. If entering through other Upper Caves, they are north of Milton's camp.

Part C

This part of Upper Caves is further north, approximately underneath Foundry's northern side and east of Core City.