Port Crag

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Port CragControlled zone

The smaller of the two pirate ports.
Port Crag.png
Location information
Music Unknown
Located in Black Sea
Connections Black Sea
Evacuation Tunnels
NPCs Razor
Gonzo Jetslick
Map file(s) xpbl_i5.png,xpbl_i5a.png,xpbl_i5b.png,xpbl_i5c.png,xpbl_i5d.png,xpbl_j5.png

Port Crag is a location in the eastern Black Sea. It is controlled by the Grim Jetters.


Port Crag was constructed around an old Lemurian lighthouse by a pirate crew that was here long before the Grim Jetters.



  • There's a pile with Olivine oddity
  • Eastern part of the area is inhabited by crabs
  • NE exit leads to a small cave connected to the Fetid Marsh entrance
    • Western corner of the small cave is inhabited by crabs
    • There's a breakable wall that can be destroyed leading to a garbage dump
      • Garbage dump leads inside the small building in the zone proper near the exit to I5


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